History of the Church Complex

The history of the Elevation of the Cross Church began in 2000 when, by the initiative of Archpriest Archil Mindiashvili, and with the support of the St. Peter and Paul church parish in Tbilisi, the foundation was laid for constructing the Elevation of the Cross Church at 14 Fanaskertel-Tsitsishvili Street.

At that time, the land on which the church stands was owned by a kindergarten. Its director, Darejan Sokhadze, generously donated the land to the church for the construction of the Complex.


In 2003, intensive worship began at the Elevation of the Holy Cross Church. Over time, along with the growth of the parish, there emerged a need for new churches. Particularly active development started in 2020. As of now, the complex includes  8 functioning churches. Elevation of the Holy Cross Church, a basilica named after St. Nino the Enlightener of Georgia, Church of St. Joseph the Hesychast, Church of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple,  Church of St. Sophrony of England (Sakharov), Holy Church of St. Gregory of Khandzta, Church of Holy Martyrs Bidzina (Cholokashvili), Shalva and Elizbar (Princes of Georgia) and St. Gregory Palamas Church.

More about Complex

Today, the church complex includes cultural and educational center named after St. Gregory of Khandzta, Universal Knowledge Space – “Bakhtrioni”, church shop, assembly hall named after Holy Mount of Athos, rooms for church servers, confession rooms, workspaces of parish youth volunteer groups, refectory, a prosphora bakery, a candle-making workshop, a publishing house, and a recording studio.

The expansion and beautification of the complex continue to this day. In the courtyard you can find Baptistery, bell tower, amphitheatre, fountain, spring, areas to rest, etc. 

Once the paving of the yard is completed, it promises to be one of the greenest spaces in the city.



St. Gregory of Khandzta Educational Center

In 2021, wth the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude, the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II the educational center named after St. Gregory of Khandzta was established. Fr. Saba Tavadze was appointed as the head of the centre by the blessing of His Holiness. A number of important projects have been implemented by Educational Centre to date and many more are planned for the future. 


The Elevation of the Holy Cross Church Complex adopted its logo in 2020. It features a chalice, a spoon, and a prayer rope. Encircling the logo are the words of Archpriest Theodore Gignadze, which have become the motto of the parish: “Not a second without Christ.”

Significant Events

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