Mother of Humility

The ‘Mother of Humility’ – an icon of the Most-Holy Theotokos that portrays a pre-crucifixion scene from the earthly life of the Lord.

The idea to create this icon was conceived in 2019 by Saba Tavadze, the priest of the Elevation of the Cross Church Complex. He envisaged every aspect of the icon, from the movement and dynamism to the expressions, eyes, lips, and colors.

By 2021, the original icon was rested in the residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch, while the primary replica found its home in the Church of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, one of the churches within the Complex.

Due to a high volume of requests, tens of thousands of copies of the icon have been distributed worldwide. By the desire of many parishes and clergy the “Mother of Humility” icon made its way to Georgian churches, monasteries, and various spiritual centers of Orthodoxy around the world, including Greece, Mount Athos, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Iceland, and the USA.

Specifically composed for the icon were a paraklesis, akathisis, vespers and matins service, and a hymn of the 3rd voice.

"The icon depicts the Son of God humbly bowing his head before the Most-Holy Theotokos to kiss her's hand, simultaneously demonstrating his almighty power through his blessing right hand and majestic gaze. The Most-Holy Theotokos, in reverence for the Lord, refrains from touching the head of her son, thus exemplifying the path of humility and true piety."

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