JC.GE - Website of the Elevation of the Cross Church Complex

www.jc.ge is a unique Georgian missionary website that provides continually updated information about the Elevation of the Cross Church Complex in Tbilisi, its educational centers, and parish life.


The heart of our parish life is its intensive Eucharistic life, which has spurred the development of the church complex and ignited missionary activity. As a result, an initiative committee, technical and filming teams, Internet resource management groups, decoration teams, and more have been established.


One of the primary benefits of this volunteering effort is becoming self-sufficient in meeting a number of church needs, including producing prosphora, candles, prayer ropes, honey etc.


Under the banner of the “St. Grigol Khandzteli Education Center”, we host meetings with prominent figures from both religious and secular backgrounds who are respected by the Orthodox Church in Georgia and worldwide.


A result of the active engagement of our young people has been the formation of numerous translation groups. These groups translate the works of the Holy Fathers into Greek, English, Russian, French, German, and Portuguese. In addition, excerpts from Archpriest Theodore Gignadze’s sermons and graphic materials created in the church complex are translated as well.


The www.jc.ge website is maintained by the technical team of the parish on a voluntary basis.

Dean: Archpriest Theodore Gignadze

Priests: Archpriest Levan Mekoshvili, Archpriest Luka Rukhadze, Fr. Saba Tavadze, Fr. Ioseb Shekeladze, Fr. Davit Lomsadze.


The Elevation of the Church Complex is located at Z. Fanaskertel-Tsitsishvili st. #14, Saburtalo, Tbilisi.


The parish also administers the following websites: Madliereba.ge and Evqaristia.ge.”

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